Jocha previously released a very popular mail report-script for Windows Backup. Since the release of Azure Backup we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries regarding the different solutions. One downside with the Azure Backup-agent is that it did not offer mail reports on success/failures.

We’ve built a PowerShell-script that will give you a nice report summary of the last days backup job.


– Elevated PowerShell-session.
– At least Windows Management Framework 3.0
– At least Azure PowerShell 1.4


This PowerShell-script will retrieve the backup jobs from the last 24 hours and send an email with a report of the results.

– Changelog –
2016-05-29 (1.4) Corrected “End Time” in the mail-report.
2016-05-28 (1.3) Streamlined functions and removed unnecessary HTML/CSS.
2016-05-27 (1.2) Now compatible with multiple sources per backup job (Thanks Milan Thaker).
2016-05-19 (1.1) Corrected typos and streamlined variables.
2016-05-17 (1.0) Initial release.

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