We’ve been upgrading a customers environment from Win7 and Win8 to Windows 10 for the last couple of months. Like most companies there isn’t just one configuration of a workstation. There might be a stationary setup, laptop, thin clients or displays/infographics.

So for one of these configurations we didn’t want the computer to lock on idle. Which is enforced by default, probably as a safety feature.

In the earlier versions of Windows this could be disabled by not activating the screensaver and/or adjusting the power settings. However this is not the case in Windows 10.


Browsing the web I ran into several suggestions on how to solve this issue.
The most popular was modifying the registry to show hidden power settings, which did not help.

Anyway, to solve this in Windows 10 you need to create a value called InactivityTimeoutSecs. The default timer is “900” (15 minutes). Setting this to “0” solved the issue for us.

Registry Path: \Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System\

Value Name: InactivityTimeoutSecs

Value Type: REG_DWORD
Value: 0x00000000 (0)

Hope this solved it for you as well. Please let me know below if you have any further questions!