After installing Windows Server 2012 and booting up you are welcomed by the new, greatly improved Server Manager. This new tool is however not compatible with previous server versions out-of-box.

If you try to add an old server you will immediately face this error meesage :
Online – Verify WinRM 3.0 service is installed, running, and required firewall ports are open

You need to download a few patches from Microsoft and install it on the Windows 2008 R2 server.


  • Install and deploy .Net Framwork 4.0 : Download
  • Install and deploy the WMF 3.0 (you will have to reboot) : Download
  • Running the configuration command for WINRM:

Logon your Windows Server 2008 R2, open a PowerShell as Administrator and type : winrm quickconfig.
The system should purpose to create a listener and a firewall rule. Press Y to accept the actions

If you have the error : “Online – cannot get performance counter data” you must intall this hotfix KB2682011.

Another good start point to troubleshoot is this page