Depending upon the version of the sync solution that you are using to replicate directory data from on-premises Active Directory to Office 365 there are different commands that you will need to use.

We can see a listing of the DirSync versions on the TechNet wiki.   And for AAD Sync, the version listings are on MSDN.

Azure Active Directory Sync Services (AAD Sync)

In September 2014 the Microsoft Azure AD Sync tool was released.  This changed how manual sync requests are issued.

To perform a manual update we now use the DirectorySyncClientCmd.exe tool.  The Delta and Initial parameters are added to the command to specify the relevant task. 

This tool is located in:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Azure AD Sync\Bin

The steps to migrate from DirSync to AAD Sync are listed here.

Windows Azure Active Directory Sync –  June 2014 Build 6862 Onwards

With build 6862 the PowerShell module has moved.  The location for this module is now:

 C:\program Files\Windows Azure Active Directory Sync\DirSync\ImportModules.ps1

To allow us to execute the Start-OnlineCoexistenceSync cmdlet we can either:

  • Open Windows PowerShell and run Import-Module DirSync
  • Open Windows PowerShell, and run the Import-Modules.ps1 file listed above.

Windows Azure Active Directory Sync – April 2014 Builds Older Than 6765

In the older builds of DirSync, we would use the DirSyncConfigShell.psc1 that was located in:

C:\Program Files\Windows Azure Directory Sync 


C:\Program Files\Microsoft Online Directory Sync

Thank you Rhoderick for this solution.