SCCM 2012 Not enough temporary space reserved to download the software.

I ran into some trouble after adding Revit Architechture 2013 to my SCCM 2013 DP and deploying it to a domain computer. The installation through Software Center would fail because the package exceeded the default Cache size limit in Configuration Manager 2012, giving me the following message:

There is not enough temporary space reserved to download the software.
You can use the Configuration Manager control panel applet to adjust the
available temporary space.

After some researching on the interweb I found two solutions that would help me get past this.

Method #1 (preferred)

Change the Site Client Push Installation Properties:
Open the ConfigMgr console, press Administration > Site Configuration > Sites.
Right-click on the specified Site and then click Client Installation Settings > Client Push Installation
Select the Installation Properties-tab, at the end of the properties add: SMSCACHESIZE=YOUR-NEW-CACHE-IN-MB (IE SMSCACHESIZE=7680).
I had to reinstall the SCCM client on my target computer to get this fix to work.

Method #2 (VBScript)

Save the script below in a .VBS file, create a package containing the file and deploy it to your clients.

Dim ClientResource
Set objShell = WScript.CreateObject ("")
Set ClientResource = CreateObject("UIResource.UIResourceMgr")
Set CacheInfo = ClientResource.GetCacheInfo
CacheInfo.TotalSize = 7680 ' Your new cache size in MB.