Some of us want speed, and the fastest workstation storage with a decent price tag right now is OCZ RevoDrive. Its a PCI-E harddrive which can Read: Up to 1500 MB/s, Write: Up to 1250 MB/s and has Max Random Write 4KB (Aligned): 230,000 IOPS… Quite neat.

Whats not so neat, or fun is to get it to work with SCCM 2012.

I downloaded the latest drivers from OCZ and imported them to SCCM and my Boot Image.

I then used DiskPart to set up the unit:

select disk 0
create partition primary
select partition 1
format fs=ntfs quick

WinPE boots fine but when I select my Task Sequence the installation stops with error code 0x800700A1.

When checking SMSTS.log I find the following:

<![LOG[User did not specify local data drive]LOG]!>
<![LOG[Volume C:\ has 480023437312 bytes of free space]LOG]!>
<![LOG[Volume C:\ is not bootable]LOG]!>
<![LOG[Volume D:\ is not a fixed hard drive]LOG]!>
<![LOG[Volume E:\ is not a fixed hard drive]LOG]!>
<![LOG[Volume F:\ is not a fixed hard drive]LOG]!>
<![LOG[Volume G:\ is not a fixed hard drive]LOG]!>
<![LOG[Volume H:\ is not a fixed hard drive]LOG]!>
<![LOG[Volume X:\ is not a fixed hard drive]LOG]!>
<![LOG[TSM root drive = ]LOG]!>
<![LOG[We do not find an available volume to store the local data path]LOG]!>

The MDT scripts detect the RevoDrive as “not bootable”, I would prefer not to change any scripts in the package if possible. Is there another way to set up the hardware?

The hardware I’m trying to deploy on is a HP Z400 (which is why I have so many drive letters) with a RevoDrive 3 x2.

I will keep working to solve the issue, if you’re having the same issue or got a solution let me know.