When deploying a HP SSM Driverpack via a SCCM 2012 task sequence I ran into the 0x87D01014 error.
Which gave me the following error logs in SMSTS.log:

Failed to invoke Execution Manager to Install Software for PackageID='MAR00054' ProgramID='SSM' AdvertID='MAR20007' hr=0x87d01014
InstallSoftware failed, hr=0x87d01014
Failed to run the action: SSM 6910p. 
The program cannot run because it is targeted to a user, requires user input or is set to run in user context. (Error: 87D01014; Source: CCM)

I went through the package and program and realized that the “Allow users to interact with this program” setting was checked. Since the task sequences don’t allow any interaction from the user this was the likely cause for the halt.

After unchecking the box and Updating my DP’s the installation ran successfully.

If you ran into the same issue please leave a post below.