There might come a time where as a IT administrator you get tired of being asked to update peoples personal information in the Active Directory.

There are a lot of solutions for this. If you however want a solution that does not involve;

    1. Killing yourself out of frustration.
    2. Costing any money.
    3. Taking time to implement.

Here’s a solution I’ve been using successfully for a while now which will update the Active Directory information and also update the Global Address List (GAL) in Microsoft Exchange.

It’s called ADUC Update (can be downloaded as source code (don’t forget to rename to .HTA) or as a package. It’s a HTA file, which opens in a browser window in any Windows operating system.
Its not dependent on installing or being any kind of local administrator.

You will need to delegate permissions to the end-user to update their own information in Active Directory.
This is harmless, and if you have jokers in your company not allowing them to set the “Title” attribute might be a good idea (Who wouldn’t want the “The man” title?!).